A sad sight to see - Sunday, September 14, 2008 (Posted on Su_2008-10-05 as Archive-type post.)

It really is sad to see how ignorant people are these days.

Just take a look at the site http://home.comcast.net/~SupportCD/FirefoxMyths.html

Almost all of his information is inaccurate, irrelevant to his argument, or both.

He apparently didn't read his sources very well (at least not the ones that I read).

He states clearly in his site:

No I do not hate Firefox

However, here is part of his site (removed parts not relevant to my post) that is farther down the page:

Emailing Rules:

3. Non-Windows Users - Do not send me any emails! I honestly do not care about what you have to say.

4. The Examples are NOT the Sources! Do not send me any emails about the Examples!
5. Excuses will NEVER be added to this page! Do not send me any emails including any excuses.
6. I have heard just about every argument imaginable and I am extremely tired of repeating myself.
7. Do not send me long useless emails giving your opinion on each Myth, I really don't care.
8. Do not claim to know or imply my intent, only I can state this.

Now if you have a testimonial or an intelligent comment and not something that 20 other mindless fanboys have not already knee-jerk ranted about feel free to email me: OptimizeXP@comcast.net

Notes - Non-Windows users and Fanboys are apparently illiterate.

Okay... Then why is Microsoft itself behind a Linux firewall?
Obviously, this is one of those people that has no varied, real-world experience with computing.
My guess is that this person has never even tried Linux, much less anytime recently.

Also note how this person tries to dismiss anything that goes against their thoughts, not even giving them a chance. The reason is probably that they just don't want to admit to being wrong, whether or not they are. Sure, the vast majority of the population dislike being wrong, but anyone that is not a coward will admit to it (if they are).

Google runs on Linux. Last I heard, Microsoft is behind a Linux firewall.
Software developers other than Microsoft do exist - for excellent reasons.

Final thoughts: I will probably be "blacklisted" if my blog is found by the owner of Firefox Myths. Cowardly, eh?

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